Just like Rachel, you can soon find out how hard it actually is to make a bunch of drinks for the Central Perk clientele.

In honor of the beloved Friends sitcom’s 25th anniversary, LEGO previously announced new play sets that resemble the iconic TV sets and characters in miniature brick form.

Beginning on Sept. 1, this detailed set will be there for fans to recreate the iconic Central Perk coffee shop at LEGO stores and online at shop.lego.com. This version is packed will all the iconic details of the shop, including the orange couch, other seats and tables, a coffee machine, Gunther’s counter and cookie jar, tiny wall decor, and the official logo on the window, and even a stage ready for miniature Phoebe to bust out a round of “Smelly Cat.” The set even includes two TV studio light rigs with light-up elements that can be built.


The Central Perk set includes 1,079 pieces to build your own brick version of the iconic café. In addition to the coffee shop, fans can also collect the seven LEGO Minifigures of all your favorite friends. The Minifigures feature Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and even Gunther, with true-to-style costume details and props.

Could we BE any more excited to start building??

Photo: LEGO