lisa frank collection

Get your butterfly clips and body glitter ready, ’80s and ’90s babies!

Today, Casetify officially drops its newest Co-Lab partnership collection, and it’s with none other than the iconic Lisa Frank. Get ready to deck out your iPhone, Apple Watch, laptop, and more with all the tie-dye and rainbow leopard print your heart desires!

The full, special-edition collection is available here, with pieces starting at $25. There are a few different motifs to choose from, all inspired by Frank’s iconic, colorful style. One case is customizable, with a space to write in your name, while others pay homage to the popular Lisa Frank sticker collections. To take things up a notch, there are also Glitter Cases and Neon Sand Liquid Cases available.

lisa frank cases

This nostalgia-fest is exciting, but it definitely won’t last forever. Be sure to grab your fave accessories before they sell out (and if Casetify’s Pokémon collection is any indication, they will).

BRB, I’m off to blast some Spice Girls while I grab my wallet.

Photos: Casetify