Scotty won’t be able to beam you up this time. 

In Looney Labs’ new version of Chrononauts called Star Trek Chrono-Trek, fans take on the role of their favorite Star Trek characters to travel through time, escape an alternate reality, and return to their history.

This causes some serious issues, as players alter the course of history simultaneously. To spice up the gameplay, all IDs are kept a secret from opponents, so no one knows what players must alter or keep in the timeline. 

Players must also collect artifacts, like Tribbles or the Guardian of Forever, and inverters to ripple the alternate reality to reach their own. But they’ll have to watch out for Q, who could erase all of time before they can return.  

The one- to six-player card game includes 172 cards can run between 15 and 45 minutes as crew members compete to restore their timelines before their opponents do and win the game. 

Star Trek Chrono-Trek flies onto shelves on Aug. 1, but it’s available for preorder at local stores and

Photo: Looney Labs