After months of waiting, Boss Fight Studio has finally released preorders for its first wave of Masked Republic’s Legends of Lucha Libre collectible figures.

Boss Fight Studio’s attention to detail brings the iconic wrestlers to life. From their rippling muscles to their perfectly rendered tattoos, a Lucha Libre fan is sure to get a kick (pun totes intended) out of these collectibles. The premium collectors figures are as imposing in toy form as they are in real life, and they honor the passion and spirit of Lucha Libre. 

Fans can preorder wave one premium collector figures of Rey Fenix and Penta Zero ($37.99 each). Pair these figures with the Lucha de la Muerte and Lucha Extrema accessory sets ($19.99 each) to host your own Death Match. These figures are just the first of many, so follow Boss Fight Studio on Twitter for updates.

Photo: Boss Fight Studios