The Avengers assemble — for the millionth time because they truly never end — in Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set, from Fantasy Flight Games, a cooperative game for one to four players. 

Players take on the roles of their favorite Marvel superheroes to stop iconic villains, including Rhino, Klaw, and Ultron, in their tracks. They’ll choose from a deck of five hero identity cards, including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and She-Hulk, along with a scenario with a villain and their scheme. The team must fight through the villains’ forms using teamwork, skill, and luck. Throughout the game, they’ll try to rise as champions while transforming from their alter-ego into their powerful superhero identities. However, just like in the original comics, these aren’t normal disguises. While wearing plain clothes, the characters can gain special abilities that will also help them throughout the game. Heroes must work together to fight off villains’ minions and evil tactics, such as Klaw’s sonic boom and Ultron’s army of drones. 

The set includes more than 350 cards, 100 tokens, and five hit point tokens, among other pieces, that players can use to build a superhero league and defeat the foes. 

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set will debut later this year, with expansion packs planned to launch every month so fans can continue customizing scenarios and their favorite heroes. 

Photo: Fantasy Flight Games