The Incredible Hulk No. 181 hit comic shops and spinner racks back in 1974, introducing a new foe for the mighty green giant — Wolverine!

Now, the iconic first (full*) appearance of the future member of the X-Men is immortalized in plastic as part of Hasbro‘s ever-expanding Marvel Legends Series of 6-inch action figures and vehicles. The Marvel Legends Series 80th Anniversary Hulk and Wolverine two-pack features the now-iconic characters as they appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics — with premium deco and articulation. Both Hulk and Wolverine come with two alternate hands, allowing for a range of poses — whether facing off against one another or teaming up to battle an enemy together!

The Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary collection is a sub-range from Hasbro that celebrates the first eight decades of classic storytelling from Marvel Entertainment, spanning comics and film. This particular set is available for preorder via Hasbro Pulse and Entertainment Earth.

Entertainment Earth

*Technically, Wolverine appeared in the very last panel of The Incredible Hulk No. 180, but his first full appearance arrived the following month in issue No. 181, cover-dated Nov. 1974.

Photos: Entertainment Earth | Hasbro