Source: Toms

Toms launched its first Marvel x Toms collection earlier this year, and now, the second wave is hitting harder than the return of the dusted Avengers.

Fans can get ready to take on the bad guys in Marvel-themed eyewear and footwear, available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.

The line features new styles of casual sneakers featuring Captain America’s shield and a quote from Spider-Man, as well as limited-edition slip-ons featuring black and white “behind the scenes” sketches and a torn-edge collage. The shoes range in price from $29.95-79.95.


But the standout favorites in the collection are new Iron Man and Black Widow-themed sunwear styles, featuring subtle artwork and iconography, colored temple tips, and custom microfiber and metallic red carrying cases. The Iron Man glasses are so very Tony Stark-esque, while the Black Widow pair is perfect for any super spy looking forward to a summer incognito. But you might need to dip into your savings, as the shades run $149.95 (Black Widow) and $169.65 (Iron Man).

And, as always with Toms, you can do a little bit of good when you purchase these super sunnies and shoes. As of April 1, for every $3 Toms makes, the company will donate $1 to the Global Giving Fund. The fund will support long-time Giving Partners working to combat the effects of COVID-19 through mental health support, hand-washing, and medical supplies.