You can say you’ve never found yourself watching Maury Show in the middle of the day as he catches cheaters and names baby daddies. But the lie detector will determine that’s a lie. And now, you can bring the outrageousness of Maury off your screen and into your home. Really. 

“[A new game] celebrates our outrageous guests and the absurd excuses they use on our paternity episodes,” Povich said in a statement. “The game is fun, funny, and the best part is, there are no real babies involved.”  

The Maury Show: You Are Not The Father has the same goal as the people who appear on Maury. Prove your nonpaternity by arguing your way through the outrageous accusations. When an argument begins, play one of your action cards to win over the audience. Odds of innocence are increased if the audience is on your side. In the end, test results are pulled from the DNA test envelope and only one player will be determined the father.

The drama-filled, hilarious game will be available on Nov. 27 but is already available for preorder from Amazon

Photo: NBC Universal