There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones left, but don’t worry: You can drown your sorrows with a shopping spree. The newest Thrones figures from McFarlane Toys are finally available, and they are basically perfect replicas of the characters you love (and hate) from the HBO series.

There are four new, 6-inch scale character figures, each featuring at least 12 points of articulation, accessories, and a GoT-branded base. Each figure costs $19.99.

Jon Snow figure

Jon Snow

The former King of the North is dressed in his season-seven attire, and he comes with Longclaw (of course) and his dragon glass dagger.

Dany FigureDaenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, the Unburnt — the list goes on. Fans can collect this figure of Daenerys dressed in her Targaryen-inspired outfit from season seven. The figure comes with three map markers (as seen in the DragonStone map room): the Dothraki, House Martell, and the Unsullied.

Night King figureThe Night King

A Game of Thrones collection wouldn’t be complete without the Night King — perhaps the most important TV character to never speak a single line on screen. He comes with two accessories: his blade and his spear.

arya figureArya Stark

All hail the hero of Winterfell! Westeros’ lady-turned-assassin comes in her season-seven attire, with Needle and the Valyrian steel dagger as her accessories.

In addition to the character figures, McFarlane also released a 6-inch-scale Viserion figure. The dragon, who has a 16.5-inch wingspan, is in his ice dragon form, as seen in the final scene of season seven and in season eight. He features more than 10 points of articulation and a removable burst of blue fire.

Fans can also preorder a similar Drogon figure, which will ship in June.

Photos: McFarlane Toys