Things are getting gory. Mehron Makeup released a Resident Evil 2 cosmetics kit for fans to recreate the scary zombies straight out of Raccoon City.

Mehron brings its professional makeup caliber to the masses with a new collaboration with Resident Evil 2, from Capcom. Their new Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit gives fans the chance to bring these terrifying creatures to life. With a deluxe kit of professional makeup, everyday gamers can replicate the iconic characters from the video game remake.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this collaboration to the huge Resident Evil fan base; no matter your experience with makeup, this is an amazing product which will let you create your very own, high impact, zombie look,” Sandra Arcan, co-director of Bits and Pixels, said in a statement. “It’s also a fantastic platform for both brands to enjoy significant incremental reach into the vast arenas of gaming and cosmetics.”


This kit can create a whole new visual experience for cosplay and the gaming communities with all the top-quality professional special FX products. The limited-edition kit includes step-by-step instructions and all application tools necessary for a professional-caliber, long-lasting zombie makeup look. The kit includes a ProColorRing bruise wheel, SynWax, barrier spray, spirit gum and spirit gum remover, colorset powder, fixative “A,” coagulated blood gel and stage blood, liquid makeup in black and white, color cups in white and black, a chip/splatter brush, a spatula, a powder puff, makeup brushes, a stipple sponge, and non-latex sponges.

“This collaboration opportunity had us instantly intrigued; not only the appeal of creating something truly special within the world of video games, but also the very compelling prospect of engaging cosplayers, influencers, and all-around enthusiasts of both makeup and gaming in a very unique way,” Peter Sandusky, vice president at Mehron, said in a statement.

This deluxe kit retails for $99.95.

Photos: Mehron Makeup