Mezco Toyz’ new Burst-A-Box is ensuring we never sleep a wink again.

The company released its new A Nightmare on Elm Street Burst-A-Box collectible toy for preorder on its website.

The terrifying jack-in-the-box features a Freddy Krueger puppet ready to pop out and haunt your dreams. How lovely!

The puppet with the Elm Street slasher’s iconic burnt face and striped sweater stands about 14 inches tall when it pops out of its tin music box.

Freddy Krueger Jack in the Box Mezco Toyz

Freddy also comes with his snazzy fedora, which is removable so you can display him any way you’d like.

This creepy twist on a classic toy is perfect for horror collectors, but bad news for me. I’d only be a little happier about the jack-in-the-box if Freddy could drop his famous one-liners.

Freddy Krueger is the latest addition to Mezco Toyz’s Burst-A-Box collectibles. The line features four additional pop-culture horror characters, including Chucky from Child’s Play and Penny Wise from the reboot of Stephen King’s It.

Photo: Mezco Toyz