Hasbro‘s Power Rangers Lightning Collection continues to expand, making good on its promise to bring to life a full range of characters from more than two decades of storytelling — all presented as 6-inch premium action figures.

The latest reveal is the Mighty Morphin Dragon Shield Black Ranger, which will be available this fall, exclusively at Walgreens stores.

Dragon Shield Black Ranger

Based on the moment in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when the Green Ranger loaned the power of the Dragon Shield to the Black Ranger to defeat one of Rita Repulsa’s monsters, this new figure features more than 20 points of articulation and includes two different heads — one of the Ranger in his helmet and another without as Zack Taylor from the original series.

Included accessories include a dragon dagger, a power ax, a power blaster, and an extra pair of hands.

In case you need a refresher on how this all went down, check out the video below.

While we don’t yet have the in-pack shots or a look at the unmasked ranger — which will use Hasbro’s Photo Real technology to capture the look of actor Walter Emanuel Jones — this figure is already on the list of must-have merch.

Other recently announced figures from the Power Rangers Lightning Series include the SDCC exclusive Mighty Morphin Red and Zeo Gold Ranger two pack, available exclusively at Comic-Con International: San Diego next month.

Photos: Hasbro