Puzzles are now the hottest thing since toilet paper, and your coffee table can get a fandom boost with new jigsaw must-haves featuring imagery inspired by Gremlins, Aliens, and more.

Mondo, most known for its artistic posters and collectibles found in an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema near you, recently launched 10 new puzzles designed by popular artists featuring some of the hottest fandoms.

Each puzzle has 1,000 pieces and is based on artwork previously available in poster format, including DKNG’s monochromatic “The Iron Giant” movie poster from 2016 (above, left), or their 2014 version of the McAllister family home from Home Alone (above, right).

There’s also a rather intimidating G.I. Joe: Cobra Wants You! Puzzle featuring artwork by Jason Edmiston, which was originally created for Hasbro’s toy line.

And, a Jurassic Park-inspired puzzle featuring the iconic Raptors, T. rex, and Brachiosaurus, as seen on Francesco Francavilla’s Comic-Con poster from last year.

But, the standout favorite (in this humble writer’s opinion) is the most adorable depiction of Die Hard ever created: the Die Hard 1000-Piece Puzzle from none other than 100% Soft, maker of everyone’s favorite little dumpster fire. I’ve never seen so many cute, barefoot John McClanes, and my only hope is that someday this becomes a playset.

The puzzles each cost $20 and are available now for preorder, expected to ship in June. Get yours here!

Photos: Mondo