This time last year, it felt like everyone in the world was talking about the same thing: Avengers Endgame, which had just hit theaters to begin its record-shattering box office performance.

To help commemorate the one-year anniversary of the epic superhero movie, Mondo and Marvel partnered for a limited-edition boxed vinyl set that features the scores from both Infinity War and EndgameThe collection will be available at here tomorrow, April 29, at noon CT.

Not only is the six-LP set packed with Alan Silvestri’s phenomenal scores (If you aren’t familiar, start by adding “Portals” to your Spotify favorites; you won’t regret it.), but the set is visually beautiful, too. Each of the six disks is made of colored vinyl that corresponds to one of the Infinity Stones, the tri-fold sleeves feature stunning artwork inspired by the movies and movie posters, and the outer box features the power gauntlet.

The entire boxed set costs $90, but fans can also opt to purchase vinyl from only one of these Avengers films for $45. However, the single-movie sets feature black vinyl instead of the jewel-toned disks.

Be sure to set your alarm to snag this exclusive set tomorrow afternoon!

Photos: Mondo