There’s not much happening — strange or otherwise — in the neighborhood right now, but you can still add some paranormal fun to your next game night with Hasbro’s new Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition.

This supernatural take on the classic property-trading board game replaces iconic New York locations with Ghostbusting contracts that players race to buy up. Once a player collects a full color set, they can add Ghost Traps to the board, then work up to a Containment Unit.

The game board also features Supernatural Entity spaces, which require all of the players Ghostbusters to team up against foes including Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The game is packed with references to the iconic franchise, too, from a Ghost Trap card holder to game pieces modeled after a Proton Pack, a PKE Meter, Ecto Goggles, Dana’s cello, a radio, and Janine’s glasses.

This game will retail for $29.99 from major retailers. And the best news? Unlike Ghostbusters: Afterlife, fans don’t have to wait long for this Ghostbusters experience. Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition will be available starting on this Sunday, April 26.

Photo: Hasbro