If you thought that the original game of Monopoly took forever, just wait until you play this!

Just in time for the holidays, Hasbro released Monopoly Longest Game Ever. It’s a new spin on an old classic that bucks the trend of speeding things up in an effort to slow things down — way down.

In Monopoly Longest Game Ever, players take turns using just one die, so there’s absolutely no chance of rolling those pesky doubles. The board features a whopping 66 properties — three of each location — and the game doesn’t end until one player owns every single property. And “every single property” means all 66, so if you thought you could get away with simply owning one of each, you’re sorely mistaken. Even bankruptcy won’t get a player out of the game, so there’s no easy out by going broke! The new rules allow players to rip the bills in half along the dotted line to use throughout the game. Mo money, mo problems.

Monopoly Longest Game Ever

Monopoly Longest Game Ever will take a long time to play, but you can get it quickly. The game launched exclusively on Amazon with free same-day delivery in some locations. If you start playing during a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving gathering this weekend, there’s a solid chance that you might be finished in time for Hanukkah or Christmas.

Within the past year, Hasbro has released a host of new versions of Monopoly, including Ms. Monopoly, Monopoly Voice Banking, and licensed versions inspired by The Lion King, Hallmark Channel, The Simpsons, Stranger Things, Marvel’s Avengers and more. You could probably play all of those in the time it will take to play just one round of this.

Photo: Hasbro