Celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of TV’s greatest cartoon institutions in Springfieldian style by playing the new Simpsons Monopoly game

From the playable characters to the board, classic references abound. Homer as the monorail conductor from the season-four fan-favorite “Marge vs. the Monorail” episode is among the gold play-pieces; as is the three-eyed fish Blinky prominently featured in the season-three episode “Homer’s Odyssey” (in which Mr. Burns tries and fails to run for governor) and the Jebediah Springfield statue with its head attached, among others. Spaces on the board include Burns Manor, the Nuclear Power Plant, and Moe’s Tavern. 

Players can purchase all the prime Springfield real estate with monorail stops and stations instead of the traditional houses and hotels. The monopoly money will feature faces of various beloved characters, with Mr. Burns donning his devilish mug on the $500 bill. 

Woo hoo! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to roll the dice and make your way through Springfield, USA! Fans can buy the new USAopoly game by clicking here.

Photo: USAopoly