Celebrate flowers bloomed in adversity with jewelry from RockLove inspired by both the classic, animated Mulan film and the upcoming live-action remake.

The line includes necklaces, earrings, and a ring, ensuring there will be no dishonor on your — or your cow. Jewelry inspired by the classic movie is out now, and you can buy the accessories based on the remake on March 16.

Check out some of the items below before you break out your checkbook.

Mushu Medallion | $99-130

My little baby, off to destroy people my wallet. The world’s best sidekick goes for the gold (and silver) in this necklace with an ornate spiraled edge.

Good Luck Cri-Kee Necklace | $115

Spend every day feeling lucky with this sterling silver necklace inspired by the good-luck charm of the Fa family.

Sword Necklace | $99

Forged from solid sterling silver, this necklace is inspired by the Fa family sword. Fight through anything with the saying etched onto both sides: Find your inner warrior.

Pheonix Ring | $89

These next two pieces are inspired by the live-action movie. Empower your wardrobe with this moderately adjustable ring. The Phoenix encircles your finger with its flowing wings and tail feathers, so you know ferocity like the back of your hand.

Blossom Statement Collar | $350

Each twisting branch of this necklace is articulated to enhance the design. It features hand-painted enamel accents and a celebration of a plum tree in full bloom.

Find the full collection here!