At Gen Con this past weekend, Jasco Games debuted a new collectible card game that will have My Hero Academia fans reaching for their wallets.

The official My Hero Academia Collectible Card game will officially debut early next year, but Jasco gave fans a preview of the game by handing out demo decks at the convention. If you missed out on the con, don’t worry — retailers can also request demo decks, so you may see some in your local shop.

However, the announcements didn’t stop with the My Hero Academia game. Jasco officially launched UniVersus, an update to its existing Universal Fighting System (UFS) game. UniVersus features a new look, new card backs, and “improved gameplay.” While all cards released next year and beyond will have the new look, these cards — including My Hero Academia — are still compatible with existing UFS cards.

The My Hero Academia demo decks are officially tournament legal, but the game will also be treated as a stand-alone CCG with its own tournaments, celebration events, and release schedule in the coming years.

Photo: Jasco Games