Photo: The Star

Binge watching TV shows is time consuming, which is why watching it on-the-go is ideal for our busy lives.

Netflix is now testing a new payment plan for users who use mobile devices as their primary way to stream movies and TV. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, Netflix is experimenting with a mobile-only subscription plan that cuts the membership cost by approximately 50 percent. The testing will take place in international markets, with different subscription tiers available.

Under the mobile plan, subscribers will get unlimited access to Netflix’s arsenal of movies and TV shows, but users can only view them on one handheld device, either on a phone or tablet. The content will only be available in standard definition (SD), not high definition (HD).

The next tier upgrade, the basic plan, will allow users to watch Netflix on a laptop or television, but with a limit of one screen at a time, only in SD. The standard plan enables users to watch Netflix on two screens simultaneously, with HD. Then there’s the premium plan, which allows users to view content on up to four screens at once, with content in HD and Ultra HD.

There’s no word on whether the mobile-only subscriptions will be coming to the U.S. anytime soon.