After previewing them in February, Cryptozoic finally set a release date for two of its new card games: Challenge of the Superfriends and Rick and Morty Look Who’s Purging Now. Both games will be released on April 17 and are available now for preorder at $15.

Both of these games utilize Cyrptozoic’s Gryphon card game engine for fast, simultaneous play for two to four players.

Based on the classic animated show, Challenge of the Superfriends features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Players battle as the heroes, using the cards to call on allies and superpowers to defeat villains. Cryptozoic released this game trailer last month to promote the game.

Rick and Morty fans can work together in Look Who’s Purging Now, racking up kills during the annual Festival. A combination of luck and strategy, the game features multiple characters and art from the show.

Fans can learn more about these games at

Photo: Cryptozoic