Insight Editions wants to make the social distancing experience a little more magical. The company has a lineup of new Wizarding World-inspired books and notebooks that Harry Potter fans will want.

The lineup includes the seventh and eighth books from the company’s Harry Potter: Film Vault series. Each book goes in-depth about a specific aspect of the movie adaptations, giving behind the scenes info. Volume 7 is all about Quidditch and the Triwizard Tournament, while Volume 8 covers The Order of the Phoenix and dark forces. These hardback books are available for $16.99 each and come with a special art print.

For some (literally) lighter reading, there is the Harry Potter: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Tiny Book. At less than 2 inches tall, this book is small but mighty. Each of the pages features art from the movie series and a behind-the-scenes fact.

Finally, you can start an epic diary (no surprise Horcruxes, we promise) with three new journal and wand pen combos. For $32.50, you can get a Gryffindor notebook, a Deathly Hallows notebook, or a Hogwarts notebook. Each 129-page, hardcover journal comes with an Elder Wand pen.

All of these wonderful wizarding finds are available now from!

Photos: Insight Editions