Get ready to drop some coins on … more coins.

The New Zealand Mint has a ton of fandom-inspired coins coming out this spring. The colorful collection will launch throughout April, but the first two are already our golden picks. Check them out below!

Disney 2020 Year of the Mouse – Prosperity | $80 | Buy it Here

Not only is 2020 the year of the neverending doom, but it’s also the year of the mouse. Celebrate with the most iconic mice of all: Mickey and Minnie! The silver coin (see above) measures more than 2 inches in diameter and features the pair as seen in Disney’s Happy Year of the Mouse artwork collection.

The colorful design is limited to 3,000 coins and will be the first of four coins based on Disney’s artwork collection to come out this year. It’s truly the brightest way to celebrate the worst year ever.

Archangel Gabriel | $85 | Buy it Here

This rectangular silver coin features a colored image of the archangel Gabriel. The angel’s image is based on a stain-glass window designed by Mary Hutchinson in 1920. If Supernatural has taught me anything, it could also just be Loki in disguise so take caution.

The flipside of the coin is a Queen Elizabeth II effigy with the same sophisticated border as the front. An included themed box offers easy display.

All coins from the New Zealand Mint are legal tender in the island of Niue, but look much better in your collection than in your wallet.

Photo: New Zealand Mint