The latest Animal Crossing takes the classic game on vacation. Don’t worry — it only has a little bit of a Fantasy Island vibe to it. 

Nintendo announced even more info about the anticipated game today during a Nintendo Direct event. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will take place on a deserted island where residents will have everything they need to create a home. Nook Inc. hosts the island, and there’s a Resident Services tent that will allow you to buy everything you need, get advice about the island, and take DIY workshops to learn how to create homes, furniture, and more in your new world.

An airport is the first place you’ll see on the island and also where you can use Wi-Fi to catch up with other local residents. Up to eight people can live on one island at once in the game. If a family decides to stay on the same island, each member will still get their own individual home. When visiting friends, make sure they are a best friend if you want to share your ax with them (obviously). 

Tourists are always welcome in this tropical hotspot, and they often bring new exciting things to buy. An experienced staff — including Isabelle — is there to help you learn about your new island.

The game will be out for Nintendo Switch on March 20 with preorders available now, and it will support amiibo figures and cards! Find the entire 20-minute Nintendo Direct here.

Photo: Nintendo