One of the best ways to pass time during the current era of social distancing? Video games! Today, Nintendo hosted an epic Indie World virtual event, showcasing a dynamic and visually diverse lineup of more than 20 new indie games heading to the Switch this year! Learn more about them all — and check out game footage — below.

Exit the Gungeon, Dodge Roll and Singlecore Games: Today!

This Enter the Dungeon sequel picks up directly after the events of the first game, as each hero must ascend and escape the Gungeon via increasingly perilous elevators.

Blue Fire, Graffiti Games and Robi Studios: Summer

Explore a dark world and face 3-D platform challenges in this adventure game.

Baldo, Naps Team: Summer

This action-adventure, open-world RPG features a classic anime art style and a rich cast of characters.

I Am Dead, Hollow Ponds/Richard Hogg and Annapurna Interactive: Later this year

In this game, players explore the stories and mysteries of a small island called Shelmerston as its museum curator. The only twist? You’re dead and have ghostly powers!

B.ARK, Tic Toc Games: Later this year

In this family-focused, side-scrolling shooter game, players take to the skies as animal astronauts who are trying to rid the world of crazy robots.

Cyanide & Happiness — Freakpocalypse, Explosm Games and Serenity Forge: Summer

Players try to survive in what’s left of the world in this post-apocalyptic adventure game, inspired by the Cyanide & Happiness webcomic.

Summer in Mara, Chibig: Spring

Players farm, explore, and build on your island home in this adventure game!

Quantum League, Nimble Giant Entertainment: Later this year

This FPS (first-person shooter) game has a time-bending twist: In each round, players are joined by clones that mimic their actions from previous run-throughs of that round!

The Good Life, White Owls/Groundling: Later this year

Play in different animal forms — and their special skills — to solve a murder in this game. Plus, the main form of transportation in this game? Riding sheep.

The Last Campfire, Hello Games: Summer

From the makers of No Man’s Sky, this intimate adventure is a story of finding hope.

Faeria, Abrakam: Spring

Players craft their decks and fight for victory in this strategic card game that features a living board.

Eldest Souls, Fallen Flag Studio: Summer

Enter a dark fantasy world with boss-rush gameplay and a high level of combat customization in this game.

Check out the full showcase below to see these — and a few other upcoming games — in action.

Photo: Nintendo of America