Nintendo introduced the fourth kit in its Nintendo Labo series, and get ready — it’s going to take you to other worlds.

The new set, available on April 12, is called “Nintendo Labo: VR Kit,” and it combines the DIY “Toy-Con” cardboard construction from previous Labo kits with the latest virtual reality (VR) tech.

Unlike previous Labo kits, the cardboard creations you make will incorporate the handheld Switch screen, not just the remotes.

There are six Toy-Con creations in the VR Kit — VR goggles, a blaster, a camera, a bird, a wind pedal, and an elephant. There are also materials to create a screen holder and a safety cap.

Labo VR GogglesAll six constructions correspond with different interactive, VR-based games. Players can fight off an alien invasion with the Toy-Con Blaster, visit an in-game ocean, and snap photos of the sea life with the Toy-Con Camera, and so on. All of the games are designed to be sharable, encouraging players to pass the creations around within a group of people and share the experience.

A full version of kit will be available at retail for $79.99, while a Starter Set + Blaster will also be available for $39.99. The smaller set includes only the components to create the googles and blaster.

Labo VR BoxesVisit the Nintendo Labo site for additional information about the new kits and for updates.

Photos: Nintendo