Who says exercise can’t be fun?

Following a hint video last week, Nintendo revealed its latest fitness-gaming hybrid (throwback to Wii Fit, anyone?), and it’s called Ring Fit Adventure. Designed for the Nintendo Switch system, the game encourages motion as players explore and battle enemies using real-life exercises to produce in-game movements and attacks.

The game requires two new accessories to play: the Ring-Con hoop and a leg strap. Each holds a piece of the Switch controller.


In Adventure mode, players travel across 20 different worlds in a quest to take down a dragon, Dragaux, who apparently is super buff. Throughout the game, players can attack and defend using more than 40 “Fit Skills,” or exercise moves.

In addition to the main game, Ring Fit Adventure offers a Quick Play mode, which features minigames for shorter bursts of play, and Simple and Set modes, which feature workout routines for various skill levels. There is even a Silent mode for those who live in apartments and don’t want to perform loud exercises, such as jogging in place.

The game — which comes with the new accessories — officially launches on Oct. 19. for $79.99.

Photos: Nintendo