After unveiling its Doctor Who exclusive figures for New York Comic Con (NYCC), Titan Merchandise is back to share more of what fans can expect to see at the con. Check Titan out in booth No. 2142 at NYCC. All figures will be available in limited numbers.

Titan Merchandise NYCC Exclusives

My Hero Academia 3-Inch Kawaii Titans Twin-Pack — Deku & Bakugo U.A. High School Variant

These MHA Titans are dressed in their U.A. High School uniforms and come in a window-boxed twin-pack.

Titan Merchandise NYCC Exclusives

Tokyo Ghoul 3-Inch Kawaii Titan — Ken Kaneki

Titan Merchandise NYCC Exclusives

DC Hero Titans: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3-Inch John Constance Hero Titan Incantation Variant

Titan is debuting its all-new DC Hero Titans vinyl range with two exclusive DC Hero Titans releases. The first is Liverpudlian warlock John Constantine casting an incantation — as seen in the first episode of season four.

Titan Merchandise NYCC Exclusives

DC Hero Titans: Arrow Green Arrow & Canary 3-Inch Hero Titans Twin-Pack

The second exclusive is a twin-pack featuring the saviors of Starling City: Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow and Sara Lance’s Canary.

2020 DC Hero Titans Vinyl Figures (pictured above)

Photos: Titan Merchandise