The merch is called New York Comic Con (NYCC)-exclusive for a reason: You can only get it at the con. The official NYCC show store released its own exclusives, and while you obviously can’t purchase them ahead of time, you can get an overview of the merch so you can start saving your moolah accordingly.

Here’s what we have our eyes on.

NYCC Exclusives

Perfect your humblebrag for $10 with the NYCC 2019 Get in Loser Pin.

FigPin NYCC exclusive

Celebrate Marvel‘s 80th anniversary with the Spider-Man and Captain America FiGPiN Minis set for $25.

NYCC Exclusive

Get in the Halloween spirit with the NYCC 2019 Spooky Pin Set ($25). 

NYCC Exclusive

The NYCC 2019 Twist Tumbler is black and twisty, like our hearts. Get it for $20.

NYCC Exclusive

The NYCC 2019 Palladino Unisex T-shirt ($27) is bright and artsy.

NYCC exclusive

Flannel season is coming up quick. Cozy up in the NYCC 2019 Flannel Shirt. The price is not listed. It’s a mystery.

Check out the full selection here!

Photos: NYCC