A grand and glorious quest awaits! In Disney and Pixar’s film Onward, Ian and Barley Lightfoot go on an epic quest to bring their father back to life, battling pixies, concrete dragons, and a gelatinous cube on the way. It’s a journey not unlike Barley’s favorite role-playing game (RPG), Quests of Yore, which fans of the film can now experience as a home game from The Op.

Leading tabletop game maker Usaopoly, aka The Op, is promising an immersive fantasy gameplay experience featuring mythical characters from the real-life lore of Onward’s fantasy world. Players can play as a dragon, a Manticore, a wizard, and an elf warrior, among other pieces, with the goal of enriching their character as the “Quest Master” develops the story narrative.

What sounds like a traditional tabletop RPG is being geared toward a more junior audience, with the help of some Pixar magic along the way. Let’s just hope this game doesn’t also make you cry.

Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition will be available this fall at a retail price of $49.99.

Photos: The Op, Disney Pixar