There’s a new way to connect with your favorite professional gamers, streamers, and esports stars.

The Lamo universe is a cross-platform experience that marries vinyl collectibles by Wicked Cool Toys with mobile augmented reality (AR) and a digital party game using real-life personalities. Vinyl figures based on Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, summit1g, TimTheTatman, LIRIK, and Dr. DisRespect come to life through the AR collector app (available for iOS and Android), with content transferable to the Lamo companion game, where players can use their digital avatars to battle it out in a full-scale brawl that takes place in an amusement park-themed, self-destructing game world. The game is coming soon to Windows PC, with console and mobile editions currently in development.


All characters, with the exception of Dr. DisRespect, will be playable in the game. According to the Lamo team, additional vinyl collectibles and digital in-game avatars based on top streamers and “fan-favorite pop culture icons” will be introduced soon.

Boxed LAMO Figures at Toy Fair NYC

Lamo vinyl figures will be available through retailers, including GameStop, Target, and more, in addition to the Play Lamo Shop.

Photos: LAMO (top) | the Pop Insider (bottom)