In today’s edition of “do I really need it:” Pokémon T-Shirts. Spoiler alert: The answer is yes, you do.

Pokémon Center just released a batch of original tees celebrating the Pokémon straight out of the Kanto region — also Lugia because why not. Fans can show off their love with any one of more than a dozen shirts, each retailing for $24.99. Check out five that we’ve got our hearts set on below.

Pikachu Holding Flower

The sweetest Pokémon of them all has a secret surprise. The front of the shirt features a black-and-white Pikachu, smirking with rosy cheeks, while the back shows the little monster hiding a red daisy — what a catch. The shirt is available in heather gray and black.

Watercolor Pokémon

Fans wondering whether to choose Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle watercolor tees should probably consider catching them all. Each of the T-shirts features an outline of a Pokémon with a splash of color thrown over it.

Meowth Pay Day

Throw coins and expect the ultimate return! This black tee has Meowth next to a pile of cash on the front and a daydreaming, teal Meowth on the back.

Soaring Lugia

Guard the skies in style with this Lugia tee. It features a cream-colored top with a silhouette of Lugia outlined in a linear gradient of sky blue.

Jigglypuff Musical

Is there a single problem that exists that cannot be cured by a Jigglypuff dance party? I didn’t think so. Multiple pastel-colored Jigglypuffs join a symphony of music notes on the front of this tee. On the back, Pikachu snoozes after being lulled to sleep by the Pokémon’s song.

Find the entire collection on Pokémon Center!

Photo: Pokémon Center