The world of Pokémon keeps evolving: Skateboards designed after favorite Pokémon and an entirely new app/operating system will be out in February.

The new Pokémon Home app will bring players Pokémon-catching adventures beyond just one game. Players will be able to collect their Pokémon and move them between games on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

Players can deposit their Pokémon into a Pokémon Box, like in the picture above, on the new, cloud-like system, or move the characters between linked compatible games. If players link the same game on Nintendo Switch and mobile, they can access the same Pokémon from either. Players can also place their Pokémon in the Wonder Box to trade with people all over the world.

Other trading options include Room Trade and Friend Trade. Room Trade means you can create a room of up to 20 players with whom you swap Pokémon. With Friend Trade, you trade with nearby users.

The premium version of Home has extras, such as a feature that allows players to gauge how strong their Pokémon are and the ability to collect more Pokémon. For more info, click here.

While you’re collecting more Pokémon, you might as well grab some must-have merch. The above Pokémon skateboards, designed in collaboration with Bear Walker, pull double duty as a collectible and a ride. Catch Charizard, Gengar, Gyarados, Mewtwo, and Pikachu.

The skateboards go on sale on Feb. 11, while Pokémon Home will be out for Apple and Android products and the Nintendo Switch next month. Find out more at

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