Whether you snapped Polaroids like it was no one’s business a few decades ago, or have just seen it in movies and referenced in pop culture, everyone knows what the classic Polaroid OneStep camera looks like.

Thanks to Polaroid, the vintage camera is getting a major upgrade for the new decade. The Polaroid Now is a new, point-and-shoot instant analog camera. It features a newly developed autofocus lens system; a longer-lasting battery; an accurate flash; and a user-friendly, functional camera design for any level of photographer. Users can also experiment with the self-timer and double-exposure features. Double exposure combines two pictures into one, which creates a dreamy and ghost-like effect that is basically like the OG version of a Snapchat filter.

The Polaroid Now camera range is available for a limited time in each of Polaroid’s five iconic rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The limited colors are available alongside the classic black-and-white cameras, which will continue to be the core style.

Polaroid Now

And, of course, a new film camera means new film packs! The rainbow theme continues with Color Wave pack, the new, special-edition instant film that features colorful frames. The Color i-Type Film Black Frame Edition pack is also available for the first time.

Oh, and the camera’s long-lasting battery life has the power to shoot 15 packs of film within one charge; … so, I know what I’m taking on my next adventure.

The Polaroid Now is available at polaroid.com for $99.99.

Photos: Polaroid