While wearing a helmet all the time would get pretty old, you have to admit that there’s something alluring about the lifestyle of a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

Now, thanks to Regal Robot, all of us would-be-Mandos can add a small touch of The Mandalorian’s world to our homes. Regal Robot launched five new decor products on its site today, all inspired by the Disney+ series.

The most impressive piece in the bunch is a 17.5-inch Mythosaur skull (pictured above) that you can hang on your wall. It is styled after the Mythosaur skull that hangs over the armorer’s entryway in the Convert and is hollow cast in thick resin.

This larger piece does come with a $275 price tag to match, but there is a more budget-friendly Mythosaur option, too. The Mythosaur Skill Mini Sculpture version is about 5 inches tall and costs just $39 (or $58 if you want a display stand, too).

The final wall hanging in the collection was inspired by everyone’s fave clan of two. It is a Mudhorn Signet Plaque ($74.99), which is 11 inches tall and was inspired by the signet detail on Mando’s armor.

The metal Grav Charge Magnet ($29) would make a nice touch to any fridge and is the same size — 2 inches — as the Mandalorian tech that inspired it.

Finally, the Camtono Desk Organizer ($39) is the most functional piece in this drop, with space to hold pens and pencils. It features a removable swivel top and even includes a black pencil with a resin, mini Beskar topper.

Each product is available to order now from regalrobot.com, with an expected shipping time of six to eight weeks.

Photo: regalrobot.com