Come on Barbie, let’s go party … like it’s the ‘90s, — when Instagram wasn’t a thing and memories were documented with film cameras.

Retrospekt is collaborating with Polaroid and Mattel to bring back the iconic Barbie Polaroid camera, which was first released in 1999. Each Retrospekt camera features refurbished parts from vintage Polaroid 600 instant cameras made in the ‘80s and ‘90s, with a bold, Barbie-themed exterior based on the graphics and colors of the original Barbie Polaroid camera.

The restored internals work just like new, and the redesigned exterior provides a nostalgia-filled instant photography experience fit for Polaroid fans, novice photographers, and professionals.  

The camera is available now via It will also be available at future stops of the Barbie Truck Totally Throwback Tour — a traveling pop-up merch truck celebrating Barbie’s 60-year iconic heritage and the fans who love her. Find out where the Barbie Truck is stopping next here

Photo: Polaroid