It is a big year for Star Trek fans, with Star Trek: Picard debuting on CBS All-Access this month — and with so many more projects coming down the pipeline.

Now fans can show off their love for all things Trek with an amazing new collection from RockLove jewelry. The collection includes five different pieces, from Batlh and Qapla signet rings to a Klingon necklace and earrings.

Perhaps the most interesting piece in the collection, though, is the Dahj & Soji Omega necklace (pictured above). RockLove designer and CEO Allison Cimino worked with Jeffrey Lombardi, the prop designer on Star Trek: Picard, to create the necklace. Cimino worked from Lombardi’s designs and renderings to create the real necklace, which the actors wore in the show’s first season. Now, fans can wear it, too!

rocklove star trek necklaces

There is also a set of Vulcan Mind Meld necklaces that take those split-heart best friend necklaces to a whole new level. These necklaces represent a telepathic link, with “Kashek” (the Vulcan word for “mind”) written in Vulcan Calligraphy on each pendant. One necklace has the word cut out and the other has it raised, so the pendants can snap together.

All of the jewelry is available now, with prices ranging from $95-165. Check out the full collection here.

Photos: Rocklove