Old-school, slot-car racing gets a modern upgrade as an adversarial duo from DC Comics leads the charge for this year’s range of Scalextric cars, tracks, and accessories.

Available this fall, the Scalextric Spark Plug Batman Vs Joker Race Set pits the Caped Crusader against the Clown Prince of Crime in a high-speed race through the streets of Gotham City. The included track is built for racing fun with straightaways, a sideswipe section to push enemies off the track, a crossroads for potential high-speed crashes, and a stunt ramp with yellow chevron stripes.

Batman vs Joker Scalextric

At the center of the action is an exclusive new Batmobile design that races alongside the Joker Hypercar, a sleek ride that’s decked out with a green roof, a purple body, and a wide grin to emulate the clown’s sinister smile.

Batman vs Joker Scalextric

The set includes two Spark Plug dongles, and Scalextric’s unique Bluetooth-control system allows players to control their cars from a mobile device on which they can customize the racing experience through a companion app for iOS and Android.

Photos: Hornby Hobbies