Tribbles like everyone (well, except for Klingons and who can blame them for that one?), and they are going to love you.

The adorable furry Tribbles creatures found aboard the Star Trek ship can come home with you and protect you just like they protected the Starfleet. Trekkies can have their own life-like Tribble pet that won’t multiply by the thousands.

Complete with Klingon-seeking abilities, CBS Consumer Products announced these lifelike critters that fans can interact with. Fans can first check out the Tribbles, available for preorder now at Science Division, at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 convention July 31 through Aug. 4. Trekkies can interact with these little buddies and test out the app to see the tribbles come to life.

The Tribbles have three operating modes to command: At Ease, On Duty, and Watchdog. In At Ease mode, Tribbles will trill and vibrate when you pick them up in response to human interaction. Yes, your little buddy will keep trilling without stimulation, but it will be at a less frequent volume to avoid your irritation. When On Duty, Tribbles will be able to tell friend from foe (or a Klingon) every time it moves by cooing or screaming. Then, as a Watchdog, your Tribble can sit upon any object to guard and if that item is picked up, it’ll bust out a curdling scream to alert you. I already like this product a lot.

Tribble owners can use the free Section K-7 app to join the covert operation tasked with locating disguised Klingons, doing so by communicating with your Tribble pals. On the app, you can give them a name, assign their modes, change their settings, and even prank friends by programming them to scream. The app is not required for interaction with your Tribble.

“I made a Tribble because I wanted a Tribble,” said co-owner Kayleigha Zawacki in a statement. “Then people started telling us they wanted one, too. We decided to go for it. We are committed to creating the best possible Tribbles, made by fans for fans.”

These cute-as-a-button Tribbles are available for presale now for $59.99 and are scheduled to start beaming your way next year.

Photo: Science Division