All aboard the battle bus into reality!

Jazwares unveiled the first Fortnite vehicle, which will launch their new #FortniteIRL collection of remote control vehicles, over the weekend at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC).

Fans at SDCC got an exclusive look at the new line as they test drove limited-edition products as gamer Lucas Mosing (Faze Blaze) of the Faze Clan introduced the new R/C ATK during his Jazwares meet and greet. One lucky fan even got to take home a VIP Bird Scooter in a giveaway for the brand.

The Deluxe Fortnite R/C ATK brings the iconic Fortnite vehicle to life as fans drive the four 4-inch figures around with authentic lights and sounds. It’ll be just like taking your game characters out for battle in the real world. The ATK includes a 4-inch, articulated Drift figure with a Stop Axe and a golf bag as you roll your way into battle. Additional outfits are forthcoming, as well as more R/C vehicles in the range.

The R/C ATK will be available this fall for $39.99.

Photo: Jazwares