ThinkGeek may be having a bit of a rough year, but it’ll be on hand at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) with a whole host of exclusive merch to con attendees at its booth (No. 3349), according to SDCC Unofficial Blog.

ThinkGeek’s exclusives include collectibles, lapel pins, lanyards, shirts, and more, diving in to some of the most loved fandoms. Take a peek below at some of the limited pieces for sale.


Mr. Spock Multi-Pack 8-Inch Mego Action Figure

The Star Trek action figure set from Mego features a Spock duo with multiple outfits and accessories. The figures feature 14 points of articulation and will be available for $40.


Pokemon Clip ‘n’ Go Mew and Master Ball

Who’s ready to up their trainer skills? This new Master Ball exclusive includes a clip-on, metallic Pokéball and a mini Mew figure. Gotta catch him for $20.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers $40 Comic – White Ranger Exclusive Amelia Vidal Variant

Ready for some necessary evil? Comic fans can pick up this exclusive Mighty Morphin White Ranger comic book for $7.


Harry Potter 6 Pack Die-Cast Wand Collector Set with Light and Sound

Accio, SDCC! This Jakks Pacific collector’s set features six Harry Potter Wizarding World die-cast wands. The Lights & Sounds Collector Box includes five spells you can cast with the press of a button. The set retails for $30.


Slimer vs. Venkman Ghostbusters Funko Pop! and T-Shirt Combo

When you see something stranger, who ya gonna call?? The Ghostbusters crew is off to the rescue with this T-shirt and Funko Pop! collectible of Slimer covered in green goo. The shirt promotes the Slimer vs. Venkman battle and will be available in sizes from small to 2XL. The combo is available for $30.

Check out the rest of the company’s offerings below.

  • Mooby’s Pin and Lanyard Set: $20
  • Mooby’s DecalPack: $12
  • Office Space Sticky Note Man Funko Pop!: $15
  • Plush Chibi Batman DZNR Jim Lee Edition: $13 *pictured above*
  • Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Pin: $10
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 35th Anniversary Pin: $10
  • Mega Man vs. Elec Man 2 Pack with SFX: $25
  • X-Men Mini Egg Attack Figure (Phoenix): $17 *pictured above*
  • Farscape 20th Anniversary Pin: $10
  • Dark Crystal Pin: $10
  • Star Trek Commemoration 3-Pin Set: $25
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space 60th Anniversary Pin: $10

Photos: ThinkGeek