One of the most epic racing video games of all-time is back.

The latest retro game to make its way to the Nintendo Switch via the SEGA AGES series is Out Run. Originally released in 1986, the game from legendary designer Yu Suzuki and the Sega AM2 team helped pave the way for a racing genre yet to come. Ported to the Switch by M2, Out Run features new motion controls and a new ranking system, complete with the original stages and soundtracks. Additionally, the SEGA AGES release contains tracks added for the 3DS version of Out Run along with newly-arranged versions of songs from the Sega Genesis and Master System releases.

Out Run was originally intended to be modeled after the American cross-country rally seen in the legendary Hal Needham-directed film, The Cannonball Run. Eventually, game planners Yoji Ishii and Yu Suzuki shifted focus and switched gears to a European locale due to the wider variety of landscapes.

SEGA AGES’ Out Run is available to download now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.