Todd McFarlane Productions will relaunch licensed Spawn merchandise for the first time in more than a decade to prepare for Spawn No. 300 and No. 301. Issue No. 301 will officially make Spawn the longest-running, creator-owned comic in the world.

The merch will range from classic to modern Spawn and will include T-shirts, pins, lanyards, vinyl figures, and a Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC)-exclusive Spawn art print and comic book.

The T-shirts include two designs: the Spawn Orb T-shirt featuring the classic logo and the Spawn Parody T-shirt with the anti-hero’s red cape for $25 each (pictured above).

There are five exclusive pins in the collection, with a range of classic designs from the comic’s release in 1992, as well as more recent features of the Spawn series, priced from $10-$12.

The Spawn BumBumz vinyl figure comes in premium packaging and contains an exclusive art card that features a scene from Spawn Kills Everyone 2.

There are two different versions available: black or blue BumBumz for $25 each. The first-ever Spawn Logo Lanyard is available for $10.

And now for the SDCC exclusives: The McFarlane Event Exclusive Spawn Art Print features its own unique identification number and will be available in the limited quantity of 250 posters at the Image Comics booth No. 1915 for $20. The Image Comics booth will also sell an SDCC exclusive Spawn comic book, in addition to giving away free tickets to Todd McFarlane’s SDCC signing sessions beginning at 9:30 a.m. each day of Comic-Con.

Photo: Todd McFarlane Productions