Demogorgons are taking over the neighborhood. Just kidding! It’s actually this awesome 6-foot-tall yard sprinkler. The inflatable, PVC sprinkler is one epic item from BigMouth Inc.‘s officially licensed collection based on Netflix‘s Stranger Things collection.

Scare your neighbors or guests with this Demogorgon from the series, which hooks up to any standard garden hose. To cool off from the summer heat, just willingly stand under the Demogorgon’s gaping jaw baring its sharp fangs ready to eat any unsuspecting victim — or heroic boyfriend. 

The Demorgon sprinkler comes in signature, retro-themed Stranger Things packaging that would turn anyone into a fan girl. The massive $99.99 sprinkler joins a reversible Hawkins, Indiana/Upside Down-themed inner tube, drink floats that look like the uniform hats from Scoop’s Ahoy, a sensory deprivation pool, a Hawkins rec center pool lifeguard cooler, and an adorable Dart pool float. Barb milk carton beach blanketOne piece that’s particularly sad but hilarious is the “Where’s Barb?” milk carton-shaped beach blanket. You’ll feel so bad for laughing at it. Poor Barb.

The collection is available at Target and Amazon

Photo: BigMouth Inc.