Taking on Demogorgons just got easier with Schwinn’s second Stranger Things-inspired character bike.

Even if the world isn’t plagued by an invasion of aliens from the Upside Down, fans can ride in style on this special-edition BMX bike modeled after Lucas Sinclair’s bike in the first and second seasons of the Netflix original sci-fi series.

Lucas’ bike has several show details, including a retro banana seat, Lucas’ camouflage bandana, and a headlight mounted to the handlebars, so fans can have their own epic adventures.

The ultimate sci-fi bike of any fans’ dreams also features special Easter eggs, including a bar pad with an emblem of Lucas’ trusty slingshot and a hidden message under the banana seat.

If Lucas’ bike is just as popular as his friend Mike Wheeler’s, they might sell out quickly. According to Schwinn, the first special-edition Stranger Things bike modeled after Mike’s bike sold out five days after it dropped — via phone, just like in the ‘80s — in June last year. Mike’s bike also had special Easter eggs based on the series, including a Hawkins bicycle badge and hidden series quotes.

Now, we’ll just need Schwinn to sell Will and Dustin’s bikes so everyone can join in on the action.

The replica launches just ahead of season three of Stranger Things, which starts streaming on Netflix on July 4.

Photo: Schwinn