Eleven from Stranger Things is the coolest telekinetic character since Doctor Strange, but fans of the Netflix show have only gotten brief glimpses into her mysterious past—until now. Del Rey Books, a division of Penguin Random House, will release the first official Stranger Things novel on Feb. 5, which reveals the secret history of Eleven’s mother.

The book is titled “Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds,” by Gwenda Bond, and it takes place in the summer of 1969 when a secretive government experiment finds a home in Hawkins, Indiana. Terry Ives (Eleven’s mother) signs on a as a test subject, determined to uncover the mysteries of the unmarked vans, remote lap deep in the woods, and mind-altering substances administered by cryptic researchers—including the director of the program, Dr. Martin Brenner. Terry finds a conspiracy greater than she imagined and seeks help in her fellow test subjects, including an unknown girl named 008 with unexplainable superhuman powers.

Terry appears on the show from time to time as a recurring character (played by Aimee Mullins) who is stuck in an unresponsive state. The strange things that happened to her are a mystery, but it seems the novel will shed some light on the eerie happenings of Hawkins.

Photo: Penguin Random House