Luxury candy company Sugarfina launched a limited-edition Super Mario Bros.-themed candy collection, and the retro gamer packaging is reason enough to buy it all.

Nintendo fans — or anyone with a sweet tooth — can purchase individual candy cubes full of “Luigi green mushrooms,” aka green apple-flavored gummies; “Toad red mushrooms,” aka cherry-flavored gummies; “Princess Peach Pearls,” aka candy-coated milk chocolate drops; “Bowser chocolate eggs,” aka vanilla marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate with a crunchy shell; or “Goomba chocolate caramels,” aka caramels dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled in sea salt. 

There is also a bundle that comes with candy cubes and question blocks, which includes all of the above candy cubes, plus pineapple-flavored “Mario invincible star” gummies and six “question block boxes” with mystery candies inside.

The mix-and-match bento boxes feature the cutest packaging of all, shaped like old-school Nintendo controllers and game consoles that play the Super Mario Bros. theme song when opened. There are also 3D pop-up scenes inside the boxes, making these the perfect gift for gamers.

Check out the Sugarfina website to place an order, or visit one of their candy boutiques.

Photo: Sugarfina