Super7 has been releasing products and gift bundles since Dec. 12 as part of its Super7 Days of Christmas. All of the collectibles are either new or haven’t been seen since a con.

The final release is expected at any time today, but what’s available is already enough to make a great gift for anyone. Fandoms already represented include Masters of the Universe, Archie Comics, and Peanuts. Check out our favorites below.

Peanuts Pins | $15 each

Is there anything more wholesome than the Peanuts characters around Christmas time? Okay, these pins are a little grumpy, but they keep the cheer going regardless. Lift up the Charlie Mask to see a happy, loving Snoopy!

4 inch Figures | $65 each

These collectibles are handmade, hand-painted, and sold in limited quantities. Figures are from Masters of the Universe, Robotech, and various other franchises, but many have sold out. For $18, fans can get their hands on 3.75-inch Masters of the Universe figures. And the cheaper among us are still in luck: For $10, there are 2-inch uncolored figures available.

Peanuts Bundle | $90

This bundle includes all of your favorite characters in 3.75-inch form. Buying them bundled together means saving $18, which goes a long way at this time of year. Other bundles include Universal Monsters Holiday Bash, Misfits, PeeWee’s Playhouse, and Breakin’ ReAction figures.

Archie ReAction Figures | $18

Jughead comes with a sandwich; need I say more on the fandom factor? Each of the five figures brings one of the all-time classic comics to life.

Masters of the Universe Rug | $195

OK, it’s expensive, but it really ties the room together. It’s 45 inches by 60 inches and is based on the dungeon decal from the original Castle Grayskull playset. Make sure you love it before committing because it is not returnable.

Check out all of the products on Super7’s website.

Photos: Super7