Cue the Thundercats theme song, ’80s kids, because the latest wave of Super7‘s Thundercats figures is officially open for preorders.

Part of the Super7 Ultimates world, these articulated figures are straight from Third Earth. Each comes in deluxe packaging and includes a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

This wave includes 7-inch figures of the healer Pumyra, Grune the Destroyer, and the scientist warrior Tygra. The fourth figure, the evil Mumm-Ra, towers over the rest at 8 inches. He also comes with his loyal pet, Ma-Mutt.

Pumyra, Grune, and Tygra each cost $45, while the Mumm-Ra/Ma-Mutt combo costs $60. Preorders for these figures will be open until Friday, Jan. 21, and fans can place their preorders at

If you want a more detailed look at these new figures, check out the video below featuring Super7’s Brian Flynn.

Photos: Super7