Tamagotchi On

The original Tamagotchi made a comeback last fall, with the same look and programming from when it first came out in the ‘90s. Bandai America is shaking things up this time around with Tamagotchi On, the virtual pet with a whole new look and gameplay.

Tamagotchi On features millions of different Tamagotchi characters, including a “My Tama” that looks like a combination of the Tamagotchi’s mom and dad. Users can decide what their Tamagotchi character does, with so many more activities than the original: It can eat at home or at the restaurant, go to the washroom, bathe, make friends, travel to different lands, go shopping, play games, and take care of a TamaPet.

Multiple Tamagotchi On devices can interact with one another, allowing the characters to visit friends, give gifts, travel together, and get married to build their family trees. Users can connect their device to an interactive app to gain access to more characters, play games, meet new characters to marry, earn “Gotchi” points, and other surprises.

The new devices have colored digital screens and are available in two styles: Fairies and Magic, each with their own characters and land. There’s also a daycare drop-off feature that users can use to take some time off without stressing about the well-being of their Tamagotchi baby.

Each device is priced at $59.99 and will be available for preorder beginning today at Target, Amazon, GameStop, and Urban Outfitters. The product will be available nationwide beginning on July 28.

Photo: Bandai America